Monday, 30 September 2013

Kevin Hart - the fresh breeze in Grudge Match

Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia, his father a cocaine addict who had spent time in prison while  his mother and his elder brother Robert tried to make ends meet.
He started as a shoe salesman but at the same time tried to make it as a stand up comedian i Philadelphia night clubs.
Now he has earned fifteen  million dollars with his comedy "Laugh at my Pain" and has an iTunes game called "Little Jumpman".

His father has given up his addiction and the two have a lot better relationship now. His mother passed away, unfortunately.

He won a Best Actor trophy at BET awards for Think Like a Man.
Although he was sent away for foul behavior and throwing his shoe at the players, he was MVP of NBA celebrity match.
He has been the host of MTV video awards three times.
In the near future he will have four movies in the cinemas. Except Grudge Match, there will be Ride Along, Think Like a Man Too, About Last Night and in 2015 The Wedding Ringer.

His most famous quotes -
“I DON’T have EX’s! I have Y’s. Like ‘Y the hell did I date you?!” - 

I think if someone gets kicked in the face it is their fault - they watched the foot come towards their face.

One time, she got me so mad, we got into a fist fight. You know how you know when you lost a fight to your woman? When the cops come to your house and ask you do you want to press charges. That's how you know it didn't go as you planned.

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