Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sylvester Stallone's incredible life and career

The other leading actor of Grudge Match movie is Sylvester Stallone  Born in Hell’s kitchen he had a tough time wit his parents, having to get to foster care. Such experience helped him get into the characters which were mainly rough and dangerous, just like the life on New York streets.
- He attended college and gave it up only three points before graduation. Later, he turned in Rocky script as his final work and got his points and graduated.

- He was introduced to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011 although some argued that he hadn't really fought anywhere outside the silver screen. It wasn't really fair as he had suffered severe injuries in his career, with broken neck and collar bones, not to mention broken nose and ribs.

- His grimaces occur due to an injury during his mother’s cheap hospital care when he was being born, so we might say he started fighting from the day one.

-There is a more subtle side to his personality as he sometimes paints and it doesn't turn out bad as he had sold some of his paintings for thousands of dollars. He also loves Edgar Allan Poe and had his own fashion line. He even had his own lifestyle magazine “Sly” but it only lasted for five issues.

- His first acting assignment was, oddly enough, a role in a soft-core movie The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. His reward was 200 dollars.

- Then came the Oscar award nominee Rocky. He wrote the script for the movie and insisted on him playing the leading role, although he had no money and was offered tens of thousands dollars for it. Next, a soccer movie Escape To Victory when he dislocated his shoulder. In Cliffhanger and Daylight he faced his fears of height and confined spaces as he refused to be given a stunt double.

- In Cop Land he starred alongside De Niro and that may be the reason they were rejoined in Grudge Match. For the role of Sheriff Freddy he gained 40 pounds to look more serious. He managed to get sick as well, for the diet included some extremely fatty food.

- He refused the role of John McLane in Die Hard movies, and gave Bruce Willis an opportunity to get out of anonymity.
Grudge Match movie may be a chance for some other actor to get his five minutes of fame, and there are a lot of them.  Kurt Krause, Terrance Collier or who knows.

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