Thursday, 1 August 2013

De Niro"s musical comes to the USA in October

Robert De Niro, the star of the Grudge Match Movie, a producer of the musical "We Will Rock You" brings the show to the United States. He confirmed this in an interview to ET magazine.

The musical which has  been successfully shown in the whole world is coming to United States next week. It consists of dozens of Queen songs from different periods of time.
"I was very enthusiastic  I said 'Let's do it!' ... The music is great." De Niro said, talking about it with the co producer Jane Rosentahl.
He invested around ten million dollars into the project.
The plot of the musical revolves around the world in which the instruments are banned, only teen bands survive and the entire planet became one giant state due to the globalization. A group of resistance members find the electrical guitars and starts the musical revolution.
It is directed by Ben Elton and the lead actors are Justin Crum and Ruby Lewis

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